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No project can be accomplished alone. It's Fine is the benificiary of the collective efforts of some incredibly talented writers, directors, musicians, producers, actors, technicians, editors, and crew. All of these people, and so many more, especially our community of financial backers and believers are all partly responsible for the success of this project. Get to know the real behind the scenes rockstars!


Sarah Mack - It's Fine
Sarah Mack
Lauren Dortch-Crozier - It's Fine
Lauren Dortch-Crozier
Tine DiLucia - It's Fine
Tine DiLucia

Creator | Writer

Creator | Writer

Director of Photography

Oldest of eight children. Did not grow up in a cult, but is open to the idea of leading one someday in the future. Working on stage and screen for over 20 years, it's safe to say she's been around.

A comedic actress and coffee addicted Brooklynite, Lauren is a veteran of the stage and will be appearing at the Gene Frankel Theater this fall to star in "Commencing."

Hailing from Oslow, Norway, Tine can be found behind the camera for narrative features, music videos, documentaries, and countless shorts. Right now, however, she's cuddling her cat.

Josh Price - It's Fine
Josh Price
Brian Rice - It's Fine
Brian Rice
Maura Matlak - It's Fine
Maura Matlak

Produced by | Assistant Dir.


Original Music

When he's not enjoying long walks on the beach at sunset, Josh Price can be seen toiling away behind the scenes for It's Fine, and on screen as Freddy in TURN: Washington's Spies.

A native Texan and queso aficianado, Brian has produced many incredible film and stage projects. Up next for him, he is producing "Commencing" this fall at the Gene Frankel Theater.

One of New York City's finest singer-songwriters, Maura's creative genius can be heard all throughout the series. Her music is way cooler than all of us put together. We're so lucky.

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