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Creators and writers Sarah Mack and Lauren Dortch-Crozier grew tired of waiting around for someone to give them permission to do what they love, so they went out and created their art, permission be damned.

What began as an idea for a skit quickly evolved into a series, pulling from the many talented and creative women living in New York City. 

This project is a celebration of creative enterprise. The story highlights the many struggles to which any aspiring artist can relate through the combination no holes barred humor and a touch of real life pain.


Our story follows Mackenzie Barker, a talented, albeit underemployed playwright, as she struggles to find the balance and hope between her dreams, her home life, her own self doubt, and the relentless bombardment of absurdities that plague her every day existence at her day job. 

Mackenzie pays her bills selling high-end women's clothing to New York City's neurotic elite, which might be stressful enough, if it weren't fueled by her sociopathic, unbearably privileged coworker Cassidy Fink.

At the top of our series, Mackenzie finds out she is being considered for a playwriting honor that would be both career and life changing. But, as with most things in her life, it seems as though every time she is able to take one step forward, life punches back with a staggering force through hilarious and sometimes painfully difficult real life moments.

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